This unpublished story was written by Michael Currie on about 1 July 2001.

HALIFAX — Canada’s most famous Audiologist, relaxing in the new coastal bungalow that is his home just outside Halifax, still remembers his early days when nearly all audiologists worked in hospitals. “In 1978, private practise in Audiology was unheard of.”

After eight years working for the government health care system in Ontario, disappointment with the way care was being provided in the public hospitals, coupled with the allure of having the freedom to do what he wanted, compelled Dr. Donald Hood go on his own. …

With several others I help to produce a podcast on future trends called Let’s Make The Future. On 18 March 2018 we interviewed Teresa Blankmeyer Burke on the topic of the ethics of genetic engineering, especially as it relates to the preservation of Deaf culture.

For more information about the episode, please visit the podcast website.

Episode Transcript

[music: sustained synth notes fade in]

PROFESSOR TERESA BLANKMEYER BURKE: What does philosophy look like when we do it with our hands?

[quick burst of static]

PROF. BURKE: To think about this kind of human exchange possibly being extinguished in the next hundred…

DVD release cover

Space Colonies: Living Among the Stars is a documentary on space colonization written, directed, and produced between 1997 and 1999 by Dr. David Hickman and broadcast on 1 February 1999 on Discovery Channel.

The 52-minute documentary examines the scientific basis for the idea that humans can carry our civilization far from Earth. It utilizes a combination of computer graphics, scale models, live action, and archival footage from NASA, including Apollo mission film and Viking probe photos.

It is narrated by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actor Avery Brooks, and features Dr. Hickman’s interviews with:

* Marshall T. Savage, futurist…

Michael Currie

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